There are four easy ways to vote for Miss World Trinidad and Tobago to progress through to the next round of the Head to Head challenge. For the smoothest experience, sign in using your Facebook account when prompted instead of creating a new account. Contact us on Messenger if you need help.

Like the official contestant page for Miss World Trinidad and Tobago. You only need to complete this once if you haven’t previously done so. If the Liked text is greyed out that means your vote has been received and you can move on to the other steps.

It really is that simple.

If you have already voted on the Miss World website, you can skip ahead to Step 3.

Click here to log in: Tap on the Facebook icon below the SIGN IN button, and then tap Continue on the pop-up that follows.

Then visit: (opens in a new tab)

Scroll down until you see “Ysabel Bisnath Trinidad and Tobago” and then tap on the Vote button in the lower right corner. A green pop up will confirm that your vote was received. You can vote here only once.

Return to this page to complete the final step.

Tap on the orange Like button. You will need to sign in using your Facebook account to vote. An orange pop up will confirm that your vote was registered. You can vote here daily.

If you are having issues with this voting step, please click here to open the link in a new tab:

1) Download the Mobstar app for your mobile device using the appropriate link below:


2) Sign in using your Facebook account.
3) Search for Ysabel Bisnath and tap on her verified account (Ysabel with a tick next to it).
4) Tap Follow on the top right corner.
5) Swipe right (from the left to the right) on all her content. A yellow YES will flash across the screen confirming the vote. Every swipe, share, and comment helps to move T&T up in the ranking.
6) Check the app daily for new content and keep those votes coming in.