The House of Angostura

Britney Smith, Dennisha Lewis, Halle Crawford, Ysabel Bisnath, Aliyah Fraser, Tishanna Mitchell, Maya Cozier, and Jessica James at The Angostura Distillery. Photo by Eye of Genie (@eyeofgenie / All rights reserved.

The House of Angostura is deeply ingrained in the history and economy of Trinidad and Tobago. Their world famous Angostura Bitters, used so widely in cocktails, dishes, and desserts, was initially intended for medicinal purposes, and has been copied throughout the years without success.

Our candidates had the opportunity to visit the amazing Barcant Butterfly Collection, the incredibly detailed Museum, and the impressive Distillery on their Art, History, and Culture tour. Capping off the session was a live demonstration on the making of the Queen’s Park Swizzle – the unofficial cocktail of Port of Spain – by Angostura’s very own Mixologist Extraordinaire, Raymond Edwards.

With so much to learn (and to sample) we think this tour is one best repeated.

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