Royalty for a Night

Miss World Trinidad & Tobago Contestants and representatives of the Royalty For A Night project. Photo by Eye of Genie (@eyeofgenie / All rights reserved.

There is beauty in helping others feel beautiful. The ongoing Royalty for a Night, an initiative of the Yes She Can Project, is geared towards ensuring our nation’s students can attend their secondary school graduation in style.

Gowns, heels, jewellery and makeup donated are all available for the young ladies to choose from. They even have ensembles for the guys! The spirit of Miss World is certainly encapsulated by our candidates who showed up to help style the graduates for their big night.

There is beauty in YOU helping others feel beautiful. Become involved by visiting:

Candidates casual wear sponsored by: Detour Stores
Venue: Banquet and Conference Centre at The Cascadia Hotel

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