Purple Pine Foundation Launch

Founder Maria Colthrust, and Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2018 Ysabel Bisnath officially launching the Purple Pine Foundation. Photo by Eye of Genie (@eyeofgenie / eyeofgenie.com). All rights reserved.

The Purple Pine Foundation was officially launched on October 6th, 2018 at its new home on Chuma Monka Avenue, Petit Valley. This NGO is the Beauty with a Purpose Project Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2018 – Ysabel Bisnath – has spearheaded.

While public schooling in Trinidad and Tobago is made available to all, there is an urgent need to fill a learning gap that exists for children who are gifted, who are discovering and embracing their individual identities, who are afflicted with cancer and other illnesses, who learn differently, and who have extraordinary life challenges.

"Our purpose is to empower extraordinary children to overcome extraordinary circumstances. And to me, there is unfathomable beauty in this purpose" - Ysabel Bisnath

Partnering with founder Maria Colthrust, and assembling a network of generous sponsors and volunteers, Ysabel created a permanent home for the foundation where a safe environment for transformative and inclusive learning approaches will be provided. Unsurprisingly, Ysabel also formulated the framework and provided legal services in creating this Non-Governmental Organization. Since her coronation on August 5th, over $382,000.00 (and counting) in funding and services has been raised by Ysabel – a testament to the dedication and work ethic expected of our Oxford National Open Scholar.

“In this country, what happens to children who are diagnosed with cancer, and are consigned to months of treatment in and out of different facilities in various countries? What happens to those children who learn at a different pace, and need individualized care and attention? What happens to those children who are so psychologically traumatized by bullying due to their gender identity or sexual orientation that they can no longer attend school? The Purple Pine Foundation happens. Our purpose is to improve not only the access to education of these children, but also their emotional and physical wellbeing. We believe in creating a safe space for children to learn, to share their experiences, to develop their passions, and to just be themselves.” submitted Ysabel during her address to the audience gathered at the launch.

With their doors now opened, this Beauty with a Purpose project offers Trinidad and Tobago, the region, and the world a working model to bridge those gaps existing in the modern education system. To learn more about the Purple Pine Foundation, visit their website: http://www.purplepinett.org

Please support Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2018 – Ysabel Bisnath – by liking her official Facebook page, and by downloading the MobStar app and voting for her (click here for instructions).

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