Dining Etiquette with Lisa Ghany

Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2018 Contestants Ysabel Bisnath, Dennisha Lewis, Marisa Mahadeo, Britney Smith, Kirsty Roopnarine, Maya Cozier, Jessica James, Tishanna Mitchell, Aliyah Fraser, Halle Crawford, with Lisa Ghany (front centre) at Buzo Osteria Italiana. Photo by Eye of Genie (@eyeofgenie / eyeofgenie.com). All rights reserved.

As part of their rigorous programme for the Miss World 2018 pageant, our candidates were subjected to an intensive training session in dining etiquette. Facilitated by Lisa Ghany, her grace and elegance was formidable as candidates were drilled on the multifaceted art of dining etiquette.

Candidates overcame a barrage of delectable assaults from genius chef Cristian Grini and his troops; his wine pairings and dessert trio almost too much bear following the siege of his world class polenta and salmon entrée.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone at Buzo Osteria Italiana and to Lisa Ghany for making this session a reality. Without doubt this experience was a highlight for our candidates.

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