Celebration of our People – National Costume

Celebration of our People – designed by Franklyn Jagdeo, Rickey Sookdeo, and Tara Rampersad. Video by Eye of Genie (@eyeofgenie / eyeofgenie.com). All rights reserved.

Designed by Franklyn Jagdeo, Rickey Sookdeo, and Tara Rampersad, this stunning costume is representative of the Caribbean melting pot of origins and cultures known as Trinidad and Tobago.

With roots in traditional African fertility dances, the left side is decorated with bélé flair, while the sari on the right side pays homage to the Indian influences. The headpiece and fan represent the Chinese community, while the Spanish-style sleeves are a subtle nod to our colonial past and European traditions. All encapsulated in our emblematic red, white, and black.

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago proudly presents this spectacular display of National Pride embodied in a work of art the likes of which Miss World has never seen. Thank you again to the design team for this breathtaking costume of which all Trinibagonians can be proud.

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