A Queen Will Reign

Ysabel Bisnath is Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2018. Photo by Eye of Genie (@eyeofgenie / eyeofgenie.com). All rights reserved.

Introducing ….. QUEEN YSABEL!

Congratulations to Miss Port of Spain West, Ysabel Bisnath, on winning the title of Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2018. Ysabel is a national open scholarship winner who completed her law degree at Oxford University and her Master’s in International Business Law at King’s College. She is also an award winning public speaker, fluent in French, Italian and Spanish. Her interests include reading, travelling and playing the piano.

Ysabel is supported by 1st Runner-up Britney Smith, and 2nd Runner-up Tishanna Mitchell. Trinidad and Tobago Miss World 2018 is absolutely thrilled to have someone of Ysabel’s calibre representing our nation at the international Miss World pageant in Sanya China on December 8th.

She’s bringing the crown home .. with a smile.

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